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1995 KOMORI L440
1995 KOMORI L440 *1995 KOMORI L440
*S/N: 1167
*Komorimatic Alcohol Dampening
*PQC Console with Cocking
*One-Touch Quick Clamp
*Preset for Impression
*Blanket Washer (No using)
*Baldwin Refrigerator
*Powder Spray
*Chromed Impression Cylinders
*Damage free on cylinders and gears
*Non-stop feeder delivery
*Available: Immdediately
1996 ROLAND R704-3B
1996 ROLAND R704-3B *Year: 1996
*Max Paper Size:1040*740mm
*Auto Roller Washer
*Auto Blanket Washer
*Grafix Powder Spray
*Steel Plate Feeder and Delivery
*IR Dryer (Not Used)
*Good condition
*Can be seen in production
*Available: Immediately
1991 MITSUBISHI 4F-2 * Mitsubishi Two-color 4F-2
* Year: 1991
* Size: 810 * 1120 mm
* Remote Control control with Lateral + Circum + Cocking
* Alcohol damping
* Quick Action Clamp.
* Powder Spray.
* Machine is working normally
* Can be Inpected.
* Available: Immediately
1991 KOMORI L740+C
1991 KOMORI L740+C Komori L-740+C
Year: 1991
Komorimatic Alcohol Dampening
PQC Console
Quick Action Clamp
Powder Spray
Chromed Impression Cylinders
IR Dryer
Coater working normally
Damage free on Cylinders and Gears
Non-stop Feeder & Delivery
Machine is in very good condition and working normally
Available: Immediately
2007 Heidelberg SM 102-8-P
2007 Heidelberg SM 102-8-P Heidelberg SM 102-8-P with CutStar 105/180(Optional)
Year: 2007
8 Color with Perfectiing Press (4/4-8/0)
Counter: 375 mil. impression
Format: 72 X 102 cm
Semi Auto Plate Change
Water Cooled Machine
All Washing Devices
Steelplate in Feeder and Delivery
Preset Plus in Feeder and Delivery
Alcolor with Technotrans refrigeration
Grafix Powder Sprayer
Antistatic Complete
Inking Catridge System
Ink Register Control
Ink Temperature Control Water Cooled
Machine is in very good condition
Free from any damage on gears and cylinders
Available: Immediately