Director Andy Hsu



           Nan Fang CO.,LTD    has four departments to satisfy with customer's any needs.


           We are willing to make all-out attempts for you. We take personal care of your requirements


           and handle with the best respect to you and your company.




           Import and Export:



           We are selling and buying machines by professional vision to ensure all of our customers


           can satisfy with their needs. Whatever you are buying or selling machines, our supervisor willing to give


           you helpful and useful advice and suggestion to help you in successful business. Our finial purpose is to


           grow your business as you expectancy, and you are in first priority of Nan Fang CO.,LTD.


           All you need is " Trust "




          Service line:



          Our service line include accompany you around the world to inspect machines and straighten out all


          your concerns and provide perfectly way to work out all you required such as, Banking work, Insurance,


          Shipment, Transportation, etc. All you need is " Reliance ".




          Maintain line:



          We have Machine Service Department to maintain your machines operating at perfectly condition.


          Our engineers all have their own specialty and patience in remove, refit and refurbish the machines


          running in perfectly condition and to fix any tough question you met. All you need is " relied ".




          Parts Supplies:



          We also have Equipment Department to supplies you any needs . Any kinds of original rubber roller,


          machine's spare parts and expendables. All you need is "call out us" and smiley wait for second.




          Nan Fang CO.,LTD    is a big team and warm Family, We sincerely to invite you join us! We can be


          trusted in maintain your advantage and goods. If you know Nan Fang, we thanks for your kindly need .


          If you never know Nan Fang CO.,LTD.


          Wish we can have a pleasure to introduce and service to you someday.








NO.377-1-F,Section 2,Cherng Kwang Road,Ren Wu 814,Kaohsiung,Taiwan


TEL :  +886-7-3542158                     FAX : +886-7-3533484          


Web : www.nfc888.com.tw             Mail : web@nfc888.com.tw  


Kelly - skype : south868            Andy - skype : andy-nfc    







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