NFC - Nan Fang CO., LTD . -- 2006 KOMORI LS540

2006 KOMORI LS540


2006 KOMORI LS-540


*PQC-S - Print Quality Controler. *Komori KHS System. * AMR - Automated Make Ready

*Komorimatic Dampening. *PDC-S Print Density Control-Spectrophotometer

*FAPC - Fully Automatic Plate Changing. *Plate Cylinder Cocking

*Ink Temperature Control. *Technotrans Beta.c Recirculation and Refrigeration

*Auto Blanket Washers .* Auto Ink Roller Washers.* Auto Impression Cylinder Washers

*Skeleton Transfer Cylinder. *Powder Sprayer. *Baldwin IR Dryer.

*Only 38 Million Impressions .* All Cylinder is no damage


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